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Content Curation

Just as important as developing unique content is the ability to re-use and apply the perfect piece of content with a campaign where it will be utilized to maximum efficiency. This low-effort, high-return style of content re-utilization allows for quick campaign traffic that will ultimately trickle down into conversions. At Shootmedia, we will analyze the KPI's that remain consistent and determine the content with the best ROI that'll drive the maximum amount of sales.

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SEO Optimized
Content Control
ROI Efficiency

Search engines have explicitly stated that original content is preferred and will appear higher in organic search results.

By have your own content, you have the ability to change and edit as you please. This allows for more functional content for events and holidays.

We analyze our content provided to ensure the highest ROI. This means determining which style, colors, allocation and more.

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Campaign Selection and Lead Generation 

Every social or media campaign has its specific purpose. Having assets created for each campaign gives you the flexibility to make your message personable and grounded.  In turn, this naturally increases brand awareness and recognition by giving audiences a dose of something only your business has. Our team of in-house professionals will make sure to correctly allocate each campaign to specific channels containing your target audience. This also allows for more agile lead generation as we can tweak specific content for AB Testing.

Performance Marketing

We formulate your online marketing campaigns according to your organization’s unique needs and expectations. After first identifying your target market, we move towards developing complimentary digital media content. Video content is king when it comes to online marketing, as it is inherently entertaining and easy to consume. SHOOTMedia’s methodology integrates video within your social media platform(s), serving to broaden your digital footprint like never before! We regularly refresh your channels with newly generated digital content, ensuring that your organization remains original, fresh and current.

Shootmedia's SMO Services Include
  • Creation, Management and Optimization of accounts (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo & Pinterest)

  • Branding and Cover Graphics for company profile

  • Unique Content Creation

  • Weekly Evaluation of Channel Analytics

  • Ongoing Mentoring

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Choose specific keywords, bid for the best Google Keywords, determine CPC

Test and analyze clicks and traffic using Google Analytics

Retargeting and optimization based off Analytics reports. 

Determine conversion %, analyze CAC and figure ways to improve.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Gather impressions from all social fronts

Determine leads, analyze data that corresponds to user engagement

Retargeting based off of leads.

Heavily influence and engage in sales based off of target demographic

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