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Content Development

Content is King

Whether it's on your social handles, websites, or advertisements, content is displayed in every corner in the digital age. At Shootmedia we have practitioners who specialize in creating development initiatives to achieve your business's targets.

Collaborate with production teams

We ensure clear communication channels with the production team to generate, edit, publish daily content (original text, images, video or HTML). Also, we collaborate with the Social Media manager, design and writing teams to produce high quality content.

Develop engaging content

By creating editorial calendars and syndication schedules, we develop consumer-friendly content on a regular schedule and edit/proofread as well. We also utilize feedback to generate ideas on how to increase customer engagement.



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Content Production

Blue Print


Our job is to visualize production scripts, briefs, and understand clients requirements to produce great results. This includes story-boarding, location scouting, and much more. 

On-set Production

Once arrived on set, priority shifts to setting up lighting and optimal audio capture alongside capturing great shots to fulfill the brief. Working with clients, producers, directors, talent or solo is also a crucial piece to ensure quality content.


Post Production

Our post producers primary job is to gather the entire footage and upload it in the edit machine for the final copy. This includes:
1. Editing video projects using Adobe Premiere Pro (Dialogue cutting, editing          consultant and trouble shooter) – Data wrangling
2. Encoding & delivering for web/TV/social formats
3. Media management archiving, backup, formatting

Ready to produce content?
Graphics and Visual Animations

Every brand has their own unique personality that customers relate and identify with. In order to achieve this, your business must have content front and center that diversifies you from your competitors. Shootmedia specializes in creating a wide spectrum of custom graphics from logos to avatars. These range from basic website icons to more advanced animations that'll be sure to engage and entertain your audience.

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