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Running Up

Shootmedia is THE source for organizations seeking to partner with professional athletes and entertainers! From motivational speaking engagements, personal appearances, and autograph signings to television commercials, product endorsements and trade shows, Shootmedia will pair the precise athlete with a corresponding and complimentary sponsor.

Athletes and Entertainers

Influencers We've Worked With




From football to MMA to the Olympics, we've worked with some of the best in their fields. 

As Instagram and YouTube models grow in popularity in the digital age, we take into consideration every minor detail when we pair a specific model to your business.

For those businesses looking for high-profile entertainers, we provide the tools to partner the right entertainer to your business.

Influencers we've worked with in the past


Randy Couture.png
Miesha Tate.png
daniel cormier.png
chuck liddell.png
Luke Rockhold.png

Miesha Tate

Daniel Cormier

Chuck Liddell

Luke Rockhold

Randy Couture

UFC Hall-of-Famer & Light Heavyweight Champion (2003, 2004)

UFC Bantamweight Champion (2016)

UFC Light Heavyweight & Heavyweight Champion (2018)


UFC Hall-of-Famer & Light Heavyweight Champion (2005)

UFC Middleweight Champion (2015)

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Social Media Influencers

As the age of television celebrities dwindles down, social media has become the forefront for small business and corporations alike. With nearly half the world's population occupying social media, mobile advertising has skyrocketed to new heights. Here at SHOOTMedia, our team of experts will help find and allocate the right influencer to your business. We take everything into consideration, from budget to brand identity and everything in between. Let us help you get traction on your social media handles.

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